DESIGN RADIANCE Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed Interior design Company. Established in 2006, today Design Radiance works with host of Indian and International Clients which includes Projects of Corporate, Retails and Hospitality Interiors.

We affirm that people’s environments precedence their quality of life at work, home and play. Work amalgamates the social aspects of today's life and blends them assonantly with Interior elements that create an environment reflecting client's vision.

The inception of this Company was natural transition for all the three Directors. Coming from background focusing on Commercial, Retail, Hospitality design, we have extensive experience in wide variety of projects such as Offices, showrooms, Spas, Restaurants and Hotels.

Rishu Anand, Dixit Gandhi & Jasvir Singh, they together head business at Design Radiance Pvt. Ltd.. They are self motivated and visionary entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the industry.

The focus and objective is to ‘Design to Sell’ tailoring each space to best suit the product or service offered by creating a back drop that allows the product to shine.

Apart from the design which is core element of the works, all three looks after different aspects of the company.

Rishu Anand looks after brand positioning and day to day operations of the company. Dixit Gandhi looks after Project management and Design Development. Jasvir Singh looks into business expansions and marketing & business strategies.